Upcoming programs:
March 19, 2018       Karen Cowan, Friends of the Delaware Co. District Library
March 26, 2018       Garry Scanlon, Every Story Needs a Hero….”
April 2, 2018           Jack Grote, Same Page Foundation
April 9, 2018           Margo Bartlett, Poetry and Prose from the Statewide
                                 Writing Competition for Retirement
                                 Home Residents
Program Highlights:
George Needham introduced Donna Meyer, Executive Director of the Delaware
County Historical Society. She noted that there are a number of Rotarians on
the Historical Society Board. The Historical Society dates back to 1870, when
efforts were made to organize a Pioneer Association in Delaware County.
The Historical Society officially incorporated and elected its first slate of
officers in 1947. Its mission is to promote and sustain interest in the history
of Delaware County, Ohio through historic preservation and education.

Donna described the current Income, Expenses and Assets of the Historical
Society. The Society’s locations are the Nash House Museum and Cryder
Research Library, the Barn at Stratford, (their venue site) and the Meeker
House Museum. Donna shared the role of the Society – collect memories and
stories, preserve our roots and culture, educate about heritage and conduct
research. She described the historically significant objects collected, including
books, photos and archival documents.
The collection is home to the largest privately held White House Easter Egg
Roll Eggs in the US as well as other interesting items. Donna took the
members through a “What is this? Quiz – showing photos of rare historical
items. Photos of the Slattery family – the first Nash House residents were
shown, as well as comparisons of photos from Downtown Delaware
“Then and Now.” Donna stated that the Society collects school
yearbooks and political campaign records. She described the process for
preserving documents and the events that are sponsored to educate the
public about Delaware County’s history.
They sponsor an educational program for 5th grade students about the
Underground Railroad and Delaware’s role. She handed out a flyer describing
the next exhibit at the Meeker Museum– Notable Women from Delaware
County. Donna thanked the volunteers and described how community
members could be involved with the Society.