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Program Highlights March 12, 2018
Judge David Hejmanowski introduced Rick Bannister of Neighborhood Bridges,
formerly known as Westerville Bridges. Rick shared the mission of the
organization --“Providing a gateway to kindness.” The two truths that
drive Neighborhood Bridges --there are real, unmet needs in most suburban
communities, and that there is ample supply of kindness and resources to help
fill those needs. Rick shared statistics on the growth of poverty in America,
specifically in the suburbs. The organization launched in Westerville one year
ago, with a target population of those communities with a free or reduced
lunch rate between 15 and 45%. In those communities, Neighborhood Bridges
“bridges the needs to existing organizations.” They engage the community
and identify the needs through advocates. These needs can be clothing, food,
snow removal, lawn care, student fees, furniture, tutoring, etc. While protecting
the privacy of those in need, the group will foster the meeting of those needs.
The group exists in Worthington, Gahanna, Westerville, Dublin and Grove City.
Rick described the 4-step process of identifying and meeting needs.
They have a steering committee of local stakeholders. Neighborhood
Bridges has engaged 8,258 individuals, counted 8,550 acts of kindness,
supported 2,102 families, through 1,008 donors and 250 advocates.
Delaware City is similar, he stated, to many of the communities already
utilizing this model. Rick ended with encouraging the members to “Be
Kind Whenever Possible – It is Always Possible.”