Program Highlights
George Needham introduced Garrett Scanlon, author of Every Story Needs a Hero.  Mr. Scanlon’s book helps teens and their families confront binge-drinking, drug use, and smoking during their high school years. He speaks to classroom assemblies at middle schools and high schools, and to rotaries, companies, and parent groups on the topics of drug and alcohol prevention, life planning, and teen empowerment. Mr. Scanlon uses real-life stories and tangible 'takeaway' tools to help teens and their parents add control, simplicity, and power to their lives in their efforts to remain drug, alcohol and tobacco free.  His presentation encourages teens to resist peer pressure.  

Mr. Scanlon shared some statistics regarding drug, alcohol and tobacco issues:
1) 1 out of every 9 overdoses in the United States occurs in Ohio.
2) In 2017, 59,000 Americans died of drug overdoses.
3) 90% of current smokers began smoking as teenagers.
Mr. Scanlon advocates for the use of the Just Say No Promise Agreement that brings kids and teens together with parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to support them in resisting the urge to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  He stated that this is a tangible tool to resist peer pressure and remain in control, powerful over life decisions, and help keep them and their siblings safe from binge drinking, drug use, and smoking in middle school and high school.  Mr. Scanlon gave every Rotarian a copy of his book.