Upcoming programs:
March 12, 2018 Rick Bannister, WestervilleBridges
March 19, 2018 Karen Cowan, Friends of the Delaware Co. District Library
March 26, 2018 Garry Scanlon, Every Story Needs a Hero….”
April 2, 2018 Jack Grote, Same Page Foundation
February 26th Program Highlights:
Liz Owens introduced Julie Erwin Rinaldi, CEO and Sara Harrison Mills,
of Syntero, a Delaware County behavioral health service provider. Syntero
is a non profit provider who has been in business in Central Ohio for over
40 years. Syntero was asked to provide services specifically in Delaware
and Morrow Counties in 2017 after the closure of another entity. They
provide early intervention, prevention, school based programs, treatment,
crisis intervention and additional similar services to Delaware County.
Syntero’s Delaware County location is in Lewis Center, and they have multiple
school based providers as well. Syntero has partnered with many community
stakeholders and providers in Delaware County. Their model is one of
collaboration with others already serving the community, to
best assess and fill any identified service gaps. In 2017, they served
8,334 individuals intheir office based programs.
Syntero serves 8 school districts in Delaware and Morrow Counties,
providing groups, education, professional development for school staff,
summer programs,universal suicide screening, and one on one
interventions with students. Syntero also provides a liaison to the Delaware
County Juvenile Court who can assess court involved individuals for
behavioral health issues on site in a timely manner. Syntero offers counseling
at the Strengthening Families site at the Willis Center, in collaboration with
Untied Way, and the Triple P Positive Parenting Program as well. Syntero
also partners with Sourcepoint to provide outreach to seniors in need of
assistance or counseling. Delaware Morrow Mental Health and Recovery
Services Board has partnered with Syntero to fund many of these initiatives.