On July 1, 2019, after a year of being guided by Joe Pemberton, George Needham was sworn in as our new Club President.
July 1, 2019 Program Highlights:

Gary Vaughn thanked Joe Pemberton stating that Joe and robust go great together. George Needham was elected to office as President of the Delaware Rotary. The new board members were sworn in including Frank Reinhard and Trish Bishop. George Needham thanked the club and all those going off the board and currently serving. Many members contributed in the last push for Polio Plus but Debbie Martin, Jack Fling, Don Chenoweth, and Brian Stanfill were recognized individually for the contributions in the last days to meet our goal. Joe Pemberton gave a presentation of the past year and Rotary recap. Delaware Rotary was recognized as the service above self-champion. 

Joe Pemberton personally thanked Frank Reinhard for being his sponsor in the very beginning. Don Chenoweth, Mary Jane Santos, Dick Zechiel, Phil Ulery, Zach Price, Bethany Moore, Holly Quaine, George Alexander, Jim Frisch, Paul Craft, Mary Beth Freeman, Judge Krueger, Brad Ebersole, Debbie Martin, Dennis Stapleton, Governor Maxey, Fran Veverka, and others were recognized by Joe Pemberton for service and leadership during his time in office. 

A recap of this past year in brief was volunteering at the Little Brown Jug ushering and working at gates at the Delaware County Fair. Hosting the 4th annual Taste of Downtown Delaware that resulted in a donation to the hunger alliance exceeding $17,000. The club worked with the Lifepump Project and grew the clubs involved. Delaware Rotary partnered with the Olentangy Rotary in Powel for Octoberfest. The Strand hosted a video for the Delaware Rotary. Over $2,000 was raised with City BBQ as a fundraiser with the company giving 25% back to Rotary. A fireside chat was held for all new members. The club raised $575 for Laundry Love and was able to donate years’ worth of laundry supplies. There was Rotary presence at the grand opening for Turning Point. The men of Rotary were at the Hour to Empower for young students at Delaware City.  Delaware Rotary made many tie blankets for the Blanket initiative hosted by the Jolliffs’. The Dictionary Project was another huge success hosted by Larry Garrett. Many students of the month were recognized earning $50 each. There was an all clubs lunch at Polaris where 29 Delaware Rotarians attended. An auction basket was prepared that had a value of over $700 for the multi-district annual meeting. The Excellence in Teaching award was given to great teachers in the Delaware  Community. Delaware Rotary sponsored the youth exchange program with thanks  to Rand and Bethany. There were some members that went to Germany for the  international conference. Many members volunteered with the Rotary Highway  clean-up. In celebration for the 90th Anniversary there was a great turn out for the c an award of being a major donor.