Today’s program:     April 23, 2018  Judges Marianne Hemmeter and David Sunderman, Delaware Municipal Court
Upcoming programs: April 30, 2018  Mary Beth Freeman (host), Excellence in Teaching Awards
 May 07, 2018  Rotary Scholarship Winners, host – Phil Ulery
 May 14, 2018  4 Way Test Speeches, host – Larry Harris
 May 21, 2018  Departing Reports from Exchange Students
April 16, 2018 Meeting Notes
Meeting actions and announcements (from previous week):
• 21 High School Students participated in the 4 Way Speech Test, see above for presentation – Larry Harris, contest was held 4/17 at Willowbrook at Delaware Run
• The Scholarship Committee will meet on April 23 after the regular meeting – Phil Ulery.
• Brad Ebersole,  all related material must be turned in by April 20 for Taste of Delaware.
o The Delaware Gazette has really stepped up with publicity this year.
• The District Assembly is on May11 and will be in Zanesville o $20 for half day o $125 for whole conference
o Our Club will be taking a Raffle Basket and there is a need for items; please let Liz know if you can help
• Broad Meeting will be held today after the regularly scheduled meeting.
Program Highlights: 
Bob Horrocks, Executive Director of SourcePoint introduced the speaker, Karen Pillion, Nutrition Program Manager for SourcePoint.  The Nutrition Program includes five different programs:  Meals on Wheels, Commodities Supplement Food Program, Farmers Market Voucher Program, Catering and March for Meals Champions Campaign.  There is also a donation driven Pet Food Program.  Through these programs over  21,600 meals are served  per month to over 1250 clients, oversee 5 dining centers, issue over 33,000 Farmers Market vouchers to nearly 1100 clients, distribute 320 boxes of free groceries each month and coordinate over 290 volunteers each week.  In addition to these labor intensive programs, we also handle multiple catering events each month.  For Meals on Wheels each meal is packed individually as part of a 9 meal option.  These meals are packed a day ahead and stored in refridgeration.  There are 37 routes with 165,000 miles driven in 2017.  With 12% growth in each of the first three months of this year, already 51,400 plus meals have  been delivered.  If this trend continues in 2018 there will be 205,600 plus home delivered meals.  Social Workers interact with the clients and keep appraised of health issues.  There are five Congregate Dining Centers.  They average 100 plus clients per day.  26,750 Meals were served in 2017. 
Currently 3 of the 4 offsite centers have weekly programming.  The purpose of the programming is to draw more diners into the sites and to increase social interaction and minimize isolation.  Currently the target is to serve 32,000 meals.  Paid staff includes 11 full time, 6 part time, and 7 contingent.  There are 290 volunteers per week, including 46,000 volunteer hours in 2017.  5% Growth in meals served is expected in 2018. 
Commodities Supplemental Food  Program is free groceries provided.  The Farmer’s Market Voucher Program provides vouchers for purchase of fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market.   Catering is available but with limited availability.  There are regularly scheduled events at SourcePoint.  March for Meals is an annual event with “Champions” riding with drivers to experience first hand the service.  The Pet Food Program receives pet food donations to help clients keep their pets health.