Today’s program:     April 30, 2018  Mary Beth Freeman (host), Excellence in Teaching Awards
Upcoming programs: May 07, 2018  Rotary Scholarship Winners, host – Phil Ulery
 May 14, 2018  4 Way Test Speeches, host – Larry Harris
 May 21, 2018  Departing Reports from Exchange Student
 May 28, 2018  Memorial Day, No Meeting
April 23, 2018 Meeting Notes
Meeting actions and announcements (from previous week):
• 21 High School Students participated in the 4 Way Speech Test, see above for presentation – Larry Harris, contest was held 4/17 at Willowbrook at Delaware Run
• The Scholarship Committee met on April 23 and the results will be reported at May 7 meeting (see above).
• Brad Ebersole reported that we have 22 restaurants signed up, 2 more than last year, and $2200 pledged by sponsors.
o The Delaware Gazette has really stepped up with publicity this year.
o Volunteers are needed for the event
o 4 Tickets to the event will be distributed to the Members for sale.
• The District 6690 Conference is on May18, 19, and 20 and will be in Zanesville, o $20 for half day o $125 for whole conference
o Our Club will be taking a Raffle Basket and there is a need for items; please let Liz know if you can help o A Falconer will be present to display the excellent skills and discipline of a
Falcon (I had a ’60 Falcon and it wasn’t a good example of skills or discipline) o Hog Roast Friday night
• Larry Garrett has been admitted to the Riverside ICU.  Please keep him in your prayers.
• Volunteers are needed for the Paint the Stands Project at the Fairgrounds.
o Times are 9 to 12:30 and 1 to 5.
o Contact Scott Cubberly.
Program Highlights: 
Judge Hejmanowski introduced our speakers today, Judge David Sunderman (in absentia) and Judge Marianne Hemmeter.  Judge Sunderman grew up in Findlay Ohio.  He moved to Delaware County in 1976 after graduating from Law School at the University of Toledo.  He practiced law in Delaware County until being elected Delaware Municipal Court Judge in 2001.  Judge Hemmeter holds a law degree from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, is married to Joe Schmansky and has two children.  Judge Hemmeter served as an assistant prosecutor for the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office. Judge Hemmeter served as a special prosecutor and the Deputy Director of the Economic Crime Unity for the Ohio Attorney General. The name Delaware Municipal Court is misleading as it has County-wide Jurisdiction over all misdemeanors in Delaware County.  Included are the Civil and Small Claims Court, Evictions, Search Warrants, and Weddings.  In 2017 there were 27,122 new cases of which 1065 OVI’s associated to alcohol and drugs, 28 jury trials, 2000 new civil cases, 221 search warrants.  Tequila Cowboy is the number one location for OVI’s to be snagged.  The number 2 offense prosecuted is shoplifting.  The Tanger  Mall is a center for shoplifting where a lot of people shop from cities all along I71 from Cleveland to points south of Columbus and offenders often have  drug issues.  Beyond issuing punishment for crimes committed the Count attempts to provide encouragement in rehabilitation through Specialized Dockets.  There are Dockets for Mental Health issues of offenders, OVI Dockets, and a Mission Court providing Veterans Treatment.  These Dockets can include Mentors assigned to offenders to encourage rehabilitation.  The Probation Dept includes 7 officers including one Chief.  There are approximately 1500 new defendants added each year.  There are 199 Defendants on Intensive Supervision.  110 Drug Tests are administered ea month.