Meeting actions and announcements:
  • Scott Cubberly - Thank you to all who came to the Fairgrounds this past weekend to help paint the stands. 
  • Taste of Downtown Delaware is set for June 13th.  We have 22 restaurants participating. 
    • As a reminder, each rotation is asked to sell 4 tickets.  You may sell hard copy tickets handed out at the meetings (or see Brad Ebersole) or via our website -  If they are purchasing via website, have them indicate your name during the purchase process when asked. 
    • Tickets do not indicate where to pick up tastings tickets so please make sure you indicate that they should register at First Commonwealth Bank at the start of the event. 
  • There will be a Board Meeting on Monday the 21st after the meeting.
Program Highlights:
4 Way Test Speeches
The 4 Way Test Speeches are open to students from around Delaware County.  Larry Harris indicated that this year’s program included 21 speeches and we even had to turn away a few entries due to our limit space.  The speech winners shared their speeches with us. 
3rd Place Winner – Megan Pierce, Home Schooled (awarded $75 in prize money)
Megan focused her speech on using the 4 Way Test on Revenge.  She utilized Marcus Aurelius’s quote “The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury” as her inspiration.  She noted that you will cannot control getting hurt, but you can control your actions.  She noted that revenge fails the 4 Way Test and that it’s better to choose forgiveness and grace over revenge.
2nd Place Winner – Lisa Choe, Buckeye Valley (awarded $150 in prize money)
Lisa painted an amazing picture of a man sitting in a cubicle at work, unhappy and unmotivated.  She used this to help us imagine what it looks like when you don’t follow your passion but rather, find a job that just pays the bills.  She used the 4 Way Test to determine if it’s better to try and live up to someone’s expectations of you or to follow your passion.  While “dreams don’t pay the bills” may seem like solid advice from her parents, she believes that following your passion, unlike the man in the cubicle, will lead to a happier life for yourself and for everyone around you. 
1st Place Winner – Clara Janow, Buckeye Valley (awarded $150 in prize money)
Clara gave a passionate speech focused on relationships between citizens, the government and the community and whether or not truth and relationship building between them met the 4 Way Test.  She spoke about how an event like the Parkland Shooting can motivate a community and encourage individuals to do their civic duties and that we all can work together to fight for the truth and work toward a better future.
Larry informed the group that Clara is a Rotarian Exchange Student and will be heading to France.  She will also compete this Saturday at the District Conference against the other 15-18 first place winners from other Central Ohio Rotary clubs.
Larry thanked the committee that helped him with the 4 Way Speech contest – Don Chenoweth, John Donahue, Marianne Hemmeter, Bob Horrocks, Kip Krueger and John Titus.